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Published: 5/19/2017

End Mills Cut through Hard Materials
Amerimold 2017: YG-1 Tool’s 4G and X5070 end mills are designed to cut through hard materials.

Published: 5/12/2017

Diamond-Coated Cutters for Hard Milling
Amerimold 2017: Crystallume will showcase its latest tool lines, including the Demon series for hard milling.

Published: 5/10/2017

Stabilizer 2.0 Doubles Feed Rates, Shortens Cycle Times
The cutters incorporate continuous variable asymmetrical geometries and provide smooth and chatter-free performance that allows feed rates to be doubled as compared with previous models.

Published: 5/5/2017

Carbide End Mills Lengthen Tool Life, Reduce Wear
Amerimold 2017: RobbJack will highlight its DM/MDM end mills.

Published: 4/28/2017

End Mill Offers Stable Roughing
Eastec 2017: The V7/V7 Plus A is a next-generation end mill from YG-1 Tool Co. designed to enable heavy roughing, slotting, ramping, trochoidal and profile machining at high performance and excellent chip control.

Published: 4/25/2017

Circle-Segment Cutters Remove More Material in Fewer Passes
Eastec 2017: Available from Emuge, circle-segment cutters are designed to remove more material in fewer passes in five-axis machining.

Published: 4/20/2017

High-Penetration Drilling Line Includes 10×D Holders
Eastec 2017: Allied Machine & Engineering introduces its Gen3sys XT Pro line of high-penetration drilling products.

Published: 4/14/2017

Ceramic Milling Products on Display
Eastec 2017: Greenleaf Corp. will showcase its full line of carbide and ceramic inserts and cutting tools.

Published: 4/6/2017

Milling Tools Perform Various Operations with Single Insert
Pokolm’s Squareworx multifunctional milling system is designed for precise machining with both 90- and 45-degree approach angles.

Published: 4/4/2017

Variable End Mill Geometry Reduces Chatter
Eastec 2017: PCT introduces its 363-series end mill for machining aluminum.