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Ohio Manufacturer Cuts Milling Time By 75 Percent

Oren Elliott Products, Inc. is located in Edgerton, Ohio near the Indiana border. It is a large North American supplier of air-dielectric variable capacitors, which are used in such diverse applications as magnetic resonance imagery equipment, mass ...

Fine Pitch Cutter Increases Milling Productivity

This 120 year-old manufacturer to update its manufacturing processes and expand its product offering so it could become a sole-source supplier for its customers in the steam industry.

Tooling Partnerships Key To Rapid Growth

It is through partnerships with tooling vendors that this growing shop feels it can best position itself to provide the kind of service its customers require.

Tool And Die Shop Doubles Throughput On Steel Tubing Grooving

With their conventional high-speed steel milling cutters, this shop experienced a series of problems producing critical axial grooves in steel tubings.

Improving Milling Throughput By 50 Percent With 'Wrong' Insert

This company will save at least $87,500 per year by changing over to positive rake cutter and inserts for milling a family of ductile iron couplings. Cycle time per part has dropped one third, elevating production from four to six parts per hour.

Inserts Improve Milling Of Tough Steel Castings For Missouri Manufacturer

When a Laurel, Missouri manufacturer of industrial equipment identified problems in their two machining operations on high alloy steel casting, they solved them with an insert and a cutter switch.

Shop Standardizes On Cutter For All Of Its Face Milling In Steel

This 20-year-old contract shop is focused on short-run machining of large structural cast iron and hotrolled steel components for special machine tools.

Mold Maker Profits By Teaming With Tooling Company, Distributor

Productivity is up by 15 percent, tool life is up 20 percent and part cost is down 20 percent for face milling, drilling and boring operations at Engel Machinery Inc., York, Pennsylvania.

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