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Published: 3/16/2009

Cutter Enables Hard-Part Milling On Light-Duty VMC
SPX relies on its small die shop to provide the tools needed to manufacture its service, testing and maintenance equipment for automotive and agricultural dealerships. With a limited number of machines, the die shop had no choice but to use a light-...

Published: 12/21/2006

Realizing Large-Scale Savings On Large-Scale Parts
Converting big square bars to largely round tie bars used to require 24 hours per piece at Oak Products. The Sturgis, Michigan, company can now complete the same job in 8 hours. How did the company slash its machining times and realize substantial c...

Published: 9/13/2005

Tangential Milling Helps Foundry Speed Operations While Reducing Costs
There are always exceptions to those 'hard and fast' machining rules. A tripling of edge life and a 3-to-1 reduction in cutter count on a tough-cast steel milling job at Harrison Steel Castings Company (Attica, Indiana) proves this.

Published: 12/15/2002

Manufacturer Learns How To Use Cutting Tools More Effectively
In today's competitive climate, cutting tool manufacturers have to do more than just produce tools--they have to help customers use those tools effectively.

Published: 7/15/2002

Aviation Component Supplier Cuts Setup Time With Productivity Partnership
This shop turned to a tool supplier to help cut milling time on one alloy steel hydraulic body by 63 percent. The success led to a broader Productivity Improvement Program that identified some $87,000 in potential annual savings, and ultimately to a...

Published: 4/15/2002

Milling System Puts Productivity In Fast Lane
When this company won a contract to machine automotive parts for a customer, they were faced with the need for a milling tool that could meet tighter cycle times, enable machining centers to perform multiple tasks, maximize the life of milling tools...

Published: 5/15/2001

Using Helical Interpolation To Make Large-Diameter Holes
Producing a large-diameter hole is a common application for many shops, and there are numerous methods that can be used to achieve the end result. However, there are often numerous obstacles to completing the process cost effectively.

Published: 12/15/2000

Small Milling Tool Accounts For Big Productivity Gain In Machining Forging Dies
Who would have ever thought that such a small mill could so consistently and so reliably finish machine that hardened die steel.

Published: 6/15/2000

Vacuum Pump Maker Finds Innovative Ways To Reduce Manufaturing Costs
With new tooling, this manufacturer was able to mill housings at 3,000 sfm and a feed rate of 230 ipm. Cutting time dropped from 20.68 minutes to 12.74 minutes, a savings of nearly 40 percent.

Published: 11/15/1999

Aerospace On A Diet
The difficulty of close tolerance finishing in both high temperature alloys and titanium is particularly real in the Aerospace industry, where thinwall construction is becoming more common. Read how an insert gave this shop an edge.

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