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Recruitment Machines

Are you involved in a robotics league? These competitions attract and identify young people who could thrive in a manufacturing career.

Military Readiness

A small nonprofit is demonstrating just how ready veterans are to transition into skilled manufacturing careers. The organization is helping vets and manufacturers at the same time. How far could this training model go?

Volunteer to Teach

Could you share some of what you know about machining and manufacturing with high school students?

Run for the School Board

Manufacturing leaders can do a lot of good within this elected office—for their communities, for young people and for their own businesses.

On Knowledge

Advancing knowledge within manufacturing is key to advancing manufacturing.

Looking for a Skilled Machinist?

We hear it a lot: Shop floor jobs are plentiful, but skilled workers to fill them are not.

A Different Way In

What is a fitting entry point for a modern manufacturing career? Desktop 3D printing machines offer real promise.

Chance Of A Lifetime

An international competition highlights the importance of skills training—and the need for broader support of our efforts here in the United States. 

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