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Mazak Invests in Production Capacity, Future Workforce

Next year, Mazak will celebrate 40 years of manufacturing in Kentucky. In time for that anniversary, the company will complete the latest expansion of its Kentucky manufacturing facilities—an expansion that is currently underway, and that aims at in...

Learning Manufacturing and Funding Education

Read through Marshfield High School’s list of college scholarships, and one of the listings you’ll see is the “Marshfield Pirate Shop Scholarship.” The Pirate Shop is this Oregon school’s manufacturing instruction program.

In Need of “Floor-Ready” Prospects?

This collaborative training initiative gives shopfloor prospects the chance to contribute right away.

Video: Meet the MT Ambassadors

AMT—the Association For Manufacturing Technology produced this video to introduce its “MT Ambassadors,” young manufacturing professionals making the case to other young people about the rewards of manufacturing careers.

Changing Perceptions, One Day at a Time

Through a coordinated series of open house events throughout the country, Manufacturing Day aims to enlighten the general public about the true nature of modern manufacturing enterprises.

Video: Meet a Manufacturing Student

Rock Valley College student Sara McKee describes her interest in manufacturing and her study of manufacturing engineering technology.

Video: Meet a Future Engineer

Stanford engineer Debbie Sterling created a new kids toy company called Goldie Blox, which consists of a book series and construction set. The goal of this toy is to get young girls interested in engineering.

Video: “Hyperspecialization” is Coming

The current challenge in finding skilled manufacturing employees is probably the prelude to a much more dramatic shortage. In economies around the world, the retirement of Baby Boomers will lead to more and more retirees being supported by fewer and...

Real Products, Real Learning

Like many metalworking companies, Cardinal Manufacturing promotes its special capabilities at trade shows and other industry events. In this case, however, the company is a machine shop run by high school students.

Video: Young People Finding High Paying Jobs in CNC Machining

Watch video from NBC’s Today show about young people pursuing skilled work in CNC machining instead of opting for a four-year college study.

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