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Video: “Hyperspecialization” is Coming

The current challenge in finding skilled manufacturing employees is probably the prelude to a much more dramatic shortage. In economies around the world, the retirement of Baby Boomers will lead to more and more retirees being supported by fewer and...

Real Products, Real Learning

Like many metalworking companies, Cardinal Manufacturing promotes its special capabilities at trade shows and other industry events. In this case, however, the company is a machine shop run by high school students.

Video: Young People Finding High Paying Jobs in CNC Machining

Watch video from NBC’s Today show about young people pursuing skilled work in CNC machining instead of opting for a four-year college study.

A Machinist’s Tweets

Here is a twitter feed MMS Editor Pete Zelinski enjoys. A machinist occasionally tweets about what his work is like. It's a fun glimpse into the job.

Machine Tools Contributed to G.W. Lisk Training Program

One company’s training program benefits manufacturers throughout Upstate New York. Hyundai WIA announced its support for the program with new machines.

Build Your Own Talent Pipline

Blogger and manufacturing executive Perry Sainati recently posted an exchange with Ray Prendergast, head of manufacturing technology for Richard J. Daley College in Chicago. Asked for his advice to manufacturing employers, Mr. Prendergast said, “Bui...

Video: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

February 21 is “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.” Various companies and schools throughout the country are holding events, but the idea is a good one on any day of the year.

Change What You Say About Engineering

National Engineers Week starts Feb. 17. To kick off the week, we need to take a look at how we describe engineering careers.

Device for Manufacturing Students was Made by Manufacturing Students

An online, game-like welding simulator helps students get a hands-on look at a career in welding. The interesting thing about this simulator is that student manufacturers helped make the device.

Video: Student Outreach at IMTS

The Nightly Business Report visits IMTS to show how businesses are reaching out to future manufacturers.

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