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CAM Software Enhances AWJ as an Additive Process

Intelli-CAM from Omax Corp is especially tailored for the needs of AWJ machine users. This CAM software provides features that support additive manufacturing applications.

The New Pattern for Prototyping

Ford is building engineering confidence through nearly production-ready prototype parts, which provide reliable test data—all thanks to additive manufacturing.

More Demanding Than Production

The challenges of prototyping have dramatically increased. This company reinvented itself to specialize in the tight-leadtime process development that prototyping now entails.

Rapid Tooling: Poised for Rapid Takeoff

Developments in rapid tooling make this technology even more attractive for quick, low-cost, customizable, and even environmentally aware manufacturing.

CNC Machining As A Prototyping Technology

Designcraft has many more machining centers than additive devices. Here is why.

Optimized Mold Temperature Control Using DMLS

This white paper describes the use of additive manufacturing to produce mold tooling with conformal cooling channels.

Fast via Machining and Molding

Thanks to a cluster of processors running a home-grown algorithm and lean manufacturing shops in the U.S., Japan and Europe, Proto Labs can deliver machined or molded parts in as little as a day.

Rapid Tooling: Faster, Better, and Less Expensive

Don’t think of rapid tooling purely for prototyping or short runs.  Additive tech is making it possible to produce steel tools that have decided benefits for injection molding and die casting.

Taking Rapid Prototyping To The Next Level

The rapid prototyping industry has been around a couple of decades. Historically applied for one-offs, it is seeing increased use as a method of direct digital manufacturing (DDM).

Get Better Before You Get Bigger

Rather than making a major new machine tool purchase just yet, this shop is finding additional capacity on the equipment it already has. What once was a vertical machining center will become a flexible automated production center for unattended mach...

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