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Successfully Feeding The Medical Market

This medical shop has adopted five-axis, bar-fed machining technology to adapt to compressed delivery schedules and increasingly complex part geometries.

Speeding To Success

Using a company-wide mantra of faster, faster, faster, some innovative processing techniques and a rationalized deployment of personnel, this Detroit mold maker is snatching success from the jaws of competition.

Prototypes . . . And Then Some

Turn-mill machines have made this prototype shop competitive for large-volume orders too.

Making Sense Of Model Data

Designs often arrive incomplete downstream. There may be no changing that. But these tools can reduce the amount of time spent on reworking customer models.

Let There Be Lights

Often, these unwelcome situations mean an expensive workpiece must be scrapped or remade, usually resulting in production delays, added costs, or missed deliveries.

Machining From STL Files

If you think the STL file format is just a convenient means for programming rapid prototyping machines, think again. Here's how STL can work for machinists too.

Building 3D Machining Knowledge Into CAM

This supplier has turned the complex 3D machining of custom orthopedic implants into a single "standard" process through the use of knowledge-based machining technology.

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