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VMC Makes Big R&D Strides on Micro Applications

Waters Corp. needed to develop extremely tight-tolerance prototypes quickly, so the company upgraded to a Makino iQ300 VMC to produce complex, low-volume part concepts for R&D.

Aztalan Aims for Rapid Adjustment

Aztalan Engineering shortened its lead times by switching to a short-run cell model for its prototype jobs and implementing a company-wide QRM strategy.

Software Speeds Inspection Documentation

InspectionXpert software from Extensible CAD Technologies has standardized and automated this manufacturer’s process for ballooning drawings and generating inspection reports.

CAM Means Mission Productivity

The primary mission of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the exploration of the solar system and extend outward to the search for extra-solar planetary systems. Tools such as this software system are brought in at ground level.

Rapid Prototyping System Helps Students Create A Formula Car

This New Hampshire school stresses practical, hands-on projects for their Bachelor of Engineering program.

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