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Published: 5/23/2016

Automated Grinding Cell Adds Capacity
Like many shops facing changes in customer demands, Pennsylvania-based American Turned Products (ATP) is making the necessary adjustments and adding operations to continue to compete in the difficult, high volume market. One of those adjustments is ...

Published: 4/21/2014

Why Oilfield Parts Producers Consider Retrofits
There are a number of reasons why shops serving the oilfield industry see value in upgrading existing machine tools with a new control package.

Published: 4/16/2013

Retrofits Done Right
Manufacturers considering anything less than a total motion system upgrade could be selling themselves short.

Published: 11/30/2009

Tool Certainty
For GKN Aerospace to overcome tool-related variations on its largest milling machines, it had to confront error sources that go unnoticed in many shops.

Published: 11/6/2009

Mind The Mechanicals Before Upgrading Your CNC
Don’t plan a control retrofit project too narrowly. Proper mechanical alignment is a key part of a comprehensive approach to upgrading a machine’s CNC.

Published: 8/20/2008

Clean Fire Suppression Protects Machines, Workers
Machine tool fires can cause unscheduled downtime, or worse, damage to the machine itself and possibly a shop’s facility. In fact, Siemens Building Technologies (Buffalo Grove, Illinois) says that more than 10 percent of all machine tools using non-...

Published: 9/27/2005

Tecumseh Sets Its Course
A very different kind of CNC software paves the way for creating an integrated manufacturing environment.

Published: 8/15/2005

When Disaster Strikes
If your equipment was damaged or destroyed by flood or fire, would you know what to do?

Published: 4/2/2004

Upgrading Machine Tools During A Market Uptick
These guidelines aim to help shops determine whether it is in their best interests to revive existing metalcutting equipment or to buy new machines.

Published: 4/15/2000

Bolt-On Microfinishing
The process of microfinishing or superfinishing, as it's also known, is finding wider application in metalworking. Demands for better performance in rotating components coupled with tighter manufacturing tolerances is leading shops to look at microf...