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Toolholder Enables Concentric Clamping for Improved Tool Performance

Schunk’s Tendo Platinum toolholder is designed for durability and precision in most milling, drilling and reaming applications.

Coolant System Extends Tool Life

Haimer will display its Cool Flash system, developed out of its existing Cool Jet system.

Milling Chucks Reduce Run-Out

Rego-Fix’s millTite milling chucks are said to reduce run-out while increasing gripping force.

Toolholder Avoids Tolerance Stacking

GenSwiss will feature its Ti-Loc SwissClamp slitting and milling toolholders designed to direct-mount to any ER16 collet holder using ER nuts.

QS Holding System for Sliding Head Machines

The Sandvik Coromant QS high pressure holding system for sliding head machines has helped customers with reducing setup and tool-change time.

Toolholders Designed for Small, Complex Parts

Rego-Fix’s slim-nose PowRGrip series PG 6 toolholder is designed for accessing tight, difficult-to-reach features in small, complex parts.

Toolholders Improve Rigidity, Machining Accuracy

Licensed by Big Daishowa, the Rego Plus line of dual-contact toolholders from Rego-Fix are said to be compatable with all Big Plus spindles and include a full line of ER and powRgrip system toolholders.

Modular Tooling System Adds Extended, Shrink-Fit Adapters

Type 02 extended adapters and shrink-fit adapters have been added to Exsys Tool’s Preci-Flex line of high-precision modular tooling systems.

Shrink Chucks Feature Cooling Jacket

Haimer's toolholding system features Cool Flash technology designed to wrap coolant around the tool and protect it from air turbulence common to high-speed machining.

Toolholders Improve Rigidity, Surface Finishes

Rego-Fix’s dual-contact Rego Plus toolholders are designed to improve TIR, tool rigidity, surface-finish quality and machine accuracies.

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