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Top Shops 2013: Davan Manufacturing

Learn about this year’s Machining Technology Honors Program Winner and its approach to capital equipment purchases.

Top Shops 2013: Micro-Matics

Our Human Resources Honors Program winner for 2013 uses a variety of tools to both retain good employees and keep them engaged.

It’s Top Shops Benchmarking Survey Time

Our ongoing benchmarking program enables you to compare your operation’s machining and financial metrics against similar businesses. Take part in the online survey that runs through February 15.

Top Shops 2012: Toth Technologies

Because this multi-niche shop does more than precision machining, management refers to it as a “Manufacturing Technology Center,” not a “shop.”

Top Shops 2012: McCoy

The two prime reasons for this smallish company’s success are establishing an effective process and having a lean manufacturing mindset.

Top Shops 2012: Hoyt USA

Lean manufacturing has enabled this company to become more efficient at producing its advanced bows.

Benchmarking: A Measure of your Shop’s Success

Learn about the second edition of our Top Shops benchmarking survey and the types of shops that participated. Further survey analysis is found in three articles other articles.

Top Machining Strategies and Equipment

2012 Benchmarking data reveals the machining technologies and techniques world-class shops use to their advantage.

Defining Business Characteristics of Top Shops

The Top Shops tend to outshine other shops in a number of financial areas. Sometimes, they apply alternate business strategies to achieve higher performance levels.

What’s the Secret to Success?

If the answer to this question lies in the answers to our open-ended survey question, it’s these four factors: 1. Focus on the customer. 2. Keep up with new technology. 3. Engage in continuous improvement. 4. Train your workforce.

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