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Top Shops 2011: K Tooling

K Tooling combines CNC machining with in-house fabricating, plating and painting capabilities to effectively take turnkey projects from CAD designs to final products.

Top Shops 2011: C&R Manufacturing Inc.

C&R Manufacturing specializes in creating precision turned parts using CNC lathes with live tooling. Combined with the use of bar feeders, automatic gaging and robotic part handling, this enables the shop to generate intricate workpieces sans human ...

Top Shops 2011: Bob’s Design Engineering, Inc.

B.D.E’s CAD/CAM experience helps speed customers’ products to market.

Machining with the Environment in Mind

It’s safe to assume that most shops recognize the importance of being environmentally responsible. However, benchmarking data suggests that the effort shops put into both recycling and reducing energy consumption varies.

Top Shops 2011: McCay Tool & Engineering Co., Inc.

By adopting advanced CNC technologies and a lean, cellular approach to manufacturing and assembly, McCay Tool realizes very efficient flow of products through its operation.

Each Shop’s One Big Thing

Top Shops tend to be good all around, achieving excellence or better-than-average ability in almost all of the activities or processes they perform, yet several technologies or strategies stand out as the most influential.

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