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The Story of a Top Shops Workpiece, Conference

Our Top Shops benchmarking program will be represented in big ways in our IMTS booth. It’s there where we’ll make a big announcement about the program, too.

Benchmarking Side Benefit: Gaining a Customer

JD Machine was a Top Shops Honors Program winner in 2013. An aerospace company that read about the award eventually became a new customer.

Because There’s More to a Shop than Machining

It takes more than just having advanced equipment for a shop to be successful.

Leveraging Benchmarking

This award-winning shop looked to Top Shops benchmarking data to help guide its continuous improvement efforts.

Open for Business

Leading shops use customer tours as a marketing tool to showcase their in-house technologies and capabilities, as well as the pride they have in their employees and overall operation. Are you open to that?

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