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Published: 2/14/2013

Metalworking Vacuum Cleaners: One Type Does Not Fit All
As the metalworking industry becomes more specialized, so does the equipment that cleans it. But as diverse as the industry is, it should come as no surprise that there is no single vacuum that can handle all of its requirements.

Published: 1/22/2013

Remote Alerts Keep Productivity in Motion
Today, alerts for tripped alarms on unattended machines can be sent by phone via call or SMS text message, email or fax. The alert is sent automatically by software programmed directly on the CNC.

Published: 11/19/2012

Software Standardizes Measurement Communication
Efficient communication between disparate measurement devices and brands is the reason for PC-DMIS’s development. It is and continues to be driven and refined by users’ needs in the shop.

Published: 10/17/2012

Committed to Kaizen
This shop has made a strong commitment to kaizen, so much so that it devotes 5 percent of company time to continuous improvement activities. This has led to multiple ideas that have enabled the shop to become more efficient and effective.

Published: 9/19/2012

Beyond Parts from Prints
Domaille Engineering applies design for manufacturability (DFM) principles to both its own product line and the contract work it performs for others. For the latter, DFM enables it to provide customers with much more than accurately machined parts.

Published: 8/20/2012

Does This School Have the Formula for Manufacturing Education?
A high school in Wisconsin runs its manufacturing vocational program as a business. Students make parts for paying customers. The program is thriving, cash flow is strong, and local manufacturers can now hire recent graduates who already have experi...

Published: 8/17/2012

Lean from the Beginning
How would you design a new plant if you could begin today? Rolls-Royce Crosspointe is a major manufacturing site that was planned from the outset with the expectation that continuous improvement would always be part of its culture.

Published: 5/24/2012

Visual Remote Troubleshooting
Manufacturers of all kinds are being challenged to deliver new products in record time using an increasingly complex internal and external supply chain that includes experts who are located all over the world.

Published: 3/13/2012

Upon Further (A3) Review
Using lean manufacturing’s A3 problem-solving process, Genesis Attachments found that magnetic workholding could provide greater benefits than simply getting parts on and off machines faster.

Published: 1/11/2012

Advancing Manufacturing, Tomorrow and Today
A drilling solution improves the production of a component that is critical for correcting spinal disorders. Meanwhile, an apprenticeship program ensures that improvements like this one can continue into the future.