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The Lights Came Back On

A community college’s fast-track CNC instruction made it possible for one manufacturer to restart its idle machining area. I see several lessons in this.

The Inside Track

For many shops, the best source of new business is existing customers. Is the best source of new talent your existing employees?

Military Readiness

A small nonprofit is demonstrating just how ready veterans are to transition into skilled manufacturing careers. The organization is helping vets and manufacturers at the same time. How far could this training model go?

Patents are Not Only for Big Business

Patenting should be a part of more small companies’ and inventors’ business plans. The process is less complicated than people realize, and it serves to protect important intellectual property.

“Floor-Ready” Prospects

Training through close collaboration among educators, manufacturers and equipment builders gives shopfloor prospects the chance to contribute right away.

The Goal is Jobs

TechWorks provides a rapid way into skilled manufacturing work. Could this program offer a model for how to expand the manufacturing talent pool in your region?

Looking for a Skilled Machinist?

We hear it a lot: Shop floor jobs are plentiful, but skilled workers to fill them are not.

The Cost of Doing Business

Developing skilled employees internally is expensive, but not doing so might be more expensive still.

A Different Way In

What is a fitting entry point for a modern manufacturing career? Desktop 3D printing machines offer real promise.

Important Versus Urgent

Don’t let the search for manufacturing staff today distract you from the potential for developing employees tomorrow.

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