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Growing Great Employees

One way to address the shortage of skilled industrial labor is to hire for potential and train for productivity, capitalizing on the unique perspectives of those with experience outside of the manufacturing industry.

Talent Shortage: Advice from a Human Resources Expert

The shortage of potential employees in manufacturing is a serious challenge that merits a serious response. An employment consultant describes how manufacturing businesses should think differently about talent and recruiting.

The Importance of Positive Culture

One of the most significant developments I am seeing in manufacturing is a recognition of the potential value of fostering an encouraging culture for employees.

The Machinist Garden

The lettuce is growing great. But can this team of precision machining specialists get watermelon to grow in Connecticut?

Getting Ramped up on Swiss-Types

Swiss-type lathes present unique challenges to operators who aren’t familiar with them. Here are a few.

Under a Wing

The inspiration for this column came to me in the parking lot behind an extraordinary high school, where I learned about an extraordinary teaching lab.

A CNC Machine with Nine Controls

One obstacle to training the next generation of machine operators and engineers is exposing them to the variety of machine types and controls they are likely to encounter when they are hired. A community college in Illinois has the answer—training m...

You Are Already Paying for Training

Training saves cost in the form of higher efficiency and reduced rework. It’s just that the costs of not training are difficult to quantify, affecting the perception of training’s ROI.

What’s a Journeyman’s Card, Anyway?

Instead of a journeyman’s card, the apprenticeship program at Grob Systems offers a free associate degree as well as a paycheck and the possibility to launch a manufacturing career with the company.

Shops Differ on Cellphone Policies

Is the distraction of cellphone and device use on the shop floor a problem in your facility? What restrictions should govern cellphone use in the shop? Various shop owners and managers commented on this question in Modern Machine Shop’s LinkedIn gro...

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