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Can You Set Yourself up for Good Luck?

It’s possible to position yourself for encountering good luck more frequently.

Mold Shop Cures the “Curse of Knowledge”

How do you transfer knowledge from skilled employees to apprentices? Here’s how one shop did it using a Facebook-like sharing system.

Device for Manufacturing Students was Made by Manufacturing Students

An online, game-like welding simulator helps students get a hands-on look at a career in welding. The interesting thing about this simulator is that student manufacturers helped make the device.

Control Maker Certifies Education Institutions

FANUC FA America is now offering a Certified Education CNC Training Program.

Video: Student Outreach at IMTS

The Nightly Business Report visits IMTS to show how businesses are reaching out to future manufacturers.

Rethinking Safety Incentives

Judy Agnew and Aubrey Daniels critique common safety practices and give advice for improvement.

Expanding Without Adding Staff

This news story is perhaps a sign of the times. This manufacturer expanded the size and capacity of its facility, but struggled to expand its workforce.

Yes Virginia, U.S. Manufacturing Is Alive and Well

During a recent press tour with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, MMS Editor Emily Tudor got to see what the state was doing to strengthen manufacturing and train the next generation of skilled workers.

Kids These Days…

A recent survey points to bad attitude as one of the chief difficulties in finding and hiring skilled workers. Could there be something to the view that society has somehow failed to impart in young people the characteristics that made older generat...

Who Will Follow the 60,000?

A large part of the manufacturing workforce is starting to retire. Here’s how one group is encouraging a new generation to join the industry.

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