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Published: 11/22/2016

HMC’s Control Enables High-Precision Honing, Orbital Turning
Mazak’s HCN-4000 automated, multitasking HMC features high-precision honing and orbital machining capabilities as well as Done-in-One processing, designed for producing pump and valve-type components.

Published: 9/29/2016

Updated Turning Centers Are Heavier, More Rigid
Tsugami/Rem Sales has announced the release of four next-generation Tsugami CNC machines.

Published: 9/27/2016

Thermal Stability Enables Lathe to Perform Heavy Cutting at High Speeds
Okuma’s LU3000 EX-M four-axis CNC lathe is designed for thermal stability, chatter prevention, heavy-duty cutting at high speeds and maximized uptime.

Published: 9/26/2016

CNC, Engine Lathes Available
Ganesh Machinery has announced that Ganesh CNC Production Machine Tools and Ganesh Toolroom Machinery will operate as two distinctly separate divisions of the company, offering CNC and engine lathes, respectively.

Published: 9/23/2016

Swiss-Type Lathe Enables Work with Larger Parts
Hanwha Machinery’s XD42 is a larger-capacity Swiss-type machine designed to enable operators to produce larger-diameter Swiss parts.

Published: 9/22/2016

Automatic Bar Loader for Multiple, Heavy Bars
The Tracer Vs-105XL, available from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies, is a bar loader designed for heavy bars with diameters ranging to 4 1/8" (105 mm) and lengths ranging to 72".

Published: 9/22/2016

Vertical Turning Lathes Offered with Extended Turning Heights
Spartan Precision Machinery now offers extended turning height models for its heavy-duty, Momentum MVL line of vertical turning lathes (VTLs).

Published: 9/9/2016

Storage System for Barstock, Sheet Metal
The Unitower C, available from Kasto, is a compact, standardized, automatic storage system for barstock and sheet metal, offering a system height ranging to 24 ft.

Published: 9/9/2016

Turning Center’s Dual Drive Train Speeds Tool Transitions
The Traub TNL32-11 sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe has a headstock movable in the Z axis, an upper and identical lower turret with X, Y and Z axes, and a counter spindle movable in the X and Z directions.

Published: 9/1/2016

Vertical Turning Machines Equipped with Hollow Spindle Drives
Emco presents the VT 260 vertical turning machine featuring a FANUC 31i controller, rear chip ejection, driven tools, a Y axis and a hollow spindle drive.