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Turning Center Enables Off-Center Machining

Okuma’s Genos L300-MY turning center features a Y axis for off-center milling, drilling and tapping capability.

Methods Multitasking Center Features Single-Spindle, Single-Turret

Methods Machine Tools Inc.’s Nakamura-Tome AS-200 multitasking turning center features a single spindle, single turret in a heavy duty and compact machine, the company says.

Vertical Turning with Complete Machining

The right-hand and left-hand versions of the Emco Maier VT 160 and VT 250, when linked with one of three basic conveyor options—oval, meander and crossover-meander designs—provide a complete machining solution.

Large and Small Gang Tool Lathes

The company offers four models of gang tool lathes.

Compact Turning Center Features Collet-Ready Spindle

The Hardinge GS 51 lathe features a compact design and collet-ready main spindle that are said to provide increased durability and workpiece accuracy.

Multitasking Turning Center Enables Done-in-One Operations

Mazak’s Quick Turn Nexus 250-II multitasking turning center features milling, Y-axis capability, and main and second spindles for done-in-one operations on medium- and large-sized components.

Multitasking Turning Center Supports Off-Center Operations

The Nakamura-Tome AS-200 multitasking turning center available from Methods Machine Tools features a single spindle, single turret in a heavy-duty, compact machine.

Vertical Lathes Feature Heavy-Duty Construction

Knuth Machine Tools offers its VDM VTL range of conventional vertical lathes in seven different sizes with swing ranging from 31.5" to 102".

Nakamura-Tome AS-200 Single-Spindle, Single Turret Multitasking Turning Center

Methods Machine Tools Inc.’s Nakamura-Tome AS-200 multitasking turning center features a single-spindle single-turret in a compact machine and contains a powerful milling drive, together with a high-speed C axis and 82-mm stroke Y axis, the co...

Turning Center Supports Heavy Cutting Conditions

YMT’s TTL-20 high-speed 6" and 8" CNC turning center features a 30-degree true slant bed for increased stability and a lower center of gravity for more efficient chip disposal.

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