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Machine Line Alleviates Workflow Bottlenecks

Workflow bottlenecks led this oil and gas industry manufacturer to seek a new line of machine tools. Standardizing on mills, lathes and other machines from FEMCO eliminated operator training issues while reducing process time and tooling costs.

Gaining Better Sight for Productivity

American Optisurgical Inc. (AOI) products help people have a clearer view of life and their surroundings.

CNC Lathes Help Expand Business, Cut Costs

Lathes from Toolmex Machinery have saved this shop time and money by reducing cycle times, achieving tighter tolerances and lessening scrap.

Device Rejuvenates Legacy Control System

An old but still very usable vertical turning center became easier to operate, and actually realized more cutting time, thanks to a control retrofit that cost only hundreds of dollars.

Turn-Mill Machines Turn a Shop's Situation Around

It often takes seeing a machine in action to conjure up a solution to a shop’s problem. This was the case for Steve Walters, an engineer at TriContinent Scientific Inc.

Turn-Mill Turns Flexibility From Vision To Reality

A change in focus to lower-volume jobs led this manufacturer to sell its multi-axis screw machine and seek a new, flexible process to avoid tying up its traditional mills and lathes. DMG’s CTX 310ECO V3 turn-mill has helped the shop improve producti...

Universal Lathe Improves Turning Capability

Peter Brotherhood (Peterborough, United Kingdom), a steam turbine manufacturer, recently discovered a bottleneck when turning a range of power-generation components. When the company implemented a Gildemeister CTX 620 V4 linear universal turn-mill c...

Production Machine Shop Proves Its Value

Racks of unfinished parts ... half the machines in setup ... an in-process inventory that could choke a horse. This shop was also outsourcing more than half of its parts. Management presented the manager with a challenge - either make the machine sh...

Vertical Turning Debut Boosts Productivity In Aerospace Application

Thomson Machine & Tool (Somerset, England) required a large-capacity turning center for machining aerospace components with diameters of up to 2,000 mm, in a range of materials including titanium and nimonic alloys.

Machine Shop Hikes Productivity By 'Turning Lathe On End'

Midwest Screw Products is a contract manufacturing operation for the aerospace, computer, medical, electronics, energy, telecommunications and fluid process industries.

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