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Manufacturer Takes Innovative Approach To Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Thousands of contract manufacturing shops across North America that produce commodity parts such as shafts, arbors, bearing races, gear splines, and so on, have one problem in common: how to do it faster and less expensively.

Precision Machining Grows Larger

By adding new machines, this company earned new business they wouldn't even have considered in the past and allowed them to deliver large precision-machined parts to their customers much faster than ever before.

Endworking Turret Cuts Cycle Time

Standard procedure for shaft work at job shop Grand Haven Steel Products was historically to soft turn, send the parts out for hardening, and then grind to the final tolerance.

Teach-In CNC Lathes Improve Shop Productivity

Because of the critical nature of the parts this shop's customers demand, speed and accuracy are major factors when considering a profitable way to machine them. Read how this CNC lathe meets both demands.

Job Shop Cuts Processing Time 60 Percent

Innovative Manufacturing used to spend ten minutes per part machining cast iron differential housings for golf carts, but now total machining time is down to three minutes, 45 seconds. According to Innovative owner and president Rob Sander, the pro...

Turning Three Days Of Work Into Three Hours Of Work

Read how the Arbor Department of this major manufacturer greatly reduced set-up time to deal with increased capacity.

Minimizing Parts And Designing Components Solves Several Needs

Milltronics Manufacturing Company, a CNC (computerized numerical controls) machine tool builder located in Waconia, Minnesota, is a major manufacturer and marketer of high quality, cost effective machining centers, toolroom and bridge mills and tool...

Teaming Up For Turning Efficiency

When a Federal-Mogul Corporation's work volume increased five years ago with Ford Motor Company to manufacture polytetraflouroethylene (Teflon) PTFE piston rings, they turned to automated CNC turning centers to turn out millions of rings per year.

Five Fold Growth Forged With CNC Turning Centers

This shop saw its production volume mushroom after it began making tooling for the hot forging of automotive and non-automotive engine valves.

Thread Rolling Heads Keeps The Wheels Of Racing Turning

During an auto race, where fractions of a second mean the difference between winning and losing, nobody wants to stop and examine the thread quality of a wheel stud. Yet wheel stud threads are extremely important, especially when you consider that ...

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