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Making Hire to Retire Work

This Canadian shop builds its succes around advanced machine tool tecnology, such as turn-mill, and an enlightened approach to employee relations.

Multitasking for Productivity, Efficiency, Accuracy and More

Multitask machining (or using a mill-turn machine) means performing various manufacturing operations without manual intervention.

Machining Reimagined As A Lean Resource

It was a bold move for this company to install four new machine tools, including two turn-mills, at one time, but it was the only way to take the lean journey to a higher level. 

A New Breed Of Turn-Mill Center

The turn-mill center continues to evolve its capabilities. This new machine from Index is an example.

See The Tool's Value Instead Of Its Cost

This company is embracing high-performance tooling on its turning centers. The "sticker shock" is no reason not to do this. In one case, though, the shop found a way to limit the cost of the tool and increase productivity at the same time.

A One Stop Shop

 Combining flexible manufacturing with volume production capability helps this shop cover all the bases.

Multitasking Technology for Turn/Mill Lathes Evolves

 From a few live tools on a turing center turret, turn-mill has developed into true multitasking machining.

CAM And Turn/Mill: Making More With Less

A shift in thinking has led to an overhaul of this company’s machine tools and production processes. The result has been a significant improvement in capacity that has allowed more parts to be brought in-house and more profits at the end of the day.

Turning Is Optional

The part requires only milling and drilling, but it is still run on a lathe. Except for the cutoff tool, all of the turret positions on this lathe hold rotating tools. In other words, turning is not essential for using a lathe effectively. This appl...

When To Combine Milling And Turning

Turn/Mill technology enables users to complete a workpiece in a single handling. This article looks at some of the criteria that make application of this multi-tasking productive.

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