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An Innovative Way to Use a Steady Rest

This shop found a way to modify one of its two-turret CNC lathes so that a tricky aerospace component could be properly supported for critical operations.

Why a Y Axis?

As machine tool capabilities have advanced, many builders are offering Y-axis capabilities to turning centers and multitasking machines.

How Center Rock Sees Setups

The company that made the rock drills used to free the Chilean miners last year is exploring the right level of multitask machining.

Cut Cycle Times in Half

Jake Grainger says he always had a mechanical bent, and 38 years ago when he first walked into a screw machine shop he was hooked.

Connecting the Technologies

This Missouri shop uses new advances in machine to machine communications to achieve its goals of lights out manufacturing and quick changeover.

What it Takes for Oilfield Success

Hunt and Hunt’s president says adopting turn/mill machines was one of the most challenging endeavors his 55-year-old shop ever undertook. He also says it’s the best thing the shop could have done to become more efficient at contract work.

Making Hire to Retire Work

This Canadian shop builds its succes around advanced machine tool tecnology, such as turn-mill, and an enlightened approach to employee relations.

Multitasking for Productivity, Efficiency, Accuracy and More

Multitask machining (or using a mill-turn machine) means performing various manufacturing operations without manual intervention.

Machining Reimagined As A Lean Resource

It was a bold move for this company to install four new machine tools, including two turn-mills, at one time, but it was the only way to take the lean journey to a higher level. 

A New Breed Of Turn-Mill Center

The turn-mill center continues to evolve its capabilities. This new machine from Index is an example.

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