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High-Performance Gantry-Style Machining Center Builds In Accuracy

To gain control of the manufacturing process and tighten up production times, this company purchased a novel gantry-type machining center that features an integrated rotary table and a powerful right-angle head.

New England Moldmaker Does It The Hard Way

This mold and die shop owner had a decision to make: build more capacity, or examine ways to make more finished molds out of existing capacity, save one new machine. He chose the latter.

VMC Increases Productivity For Machining And Forging Shop

Bourdon Forge had been using machining systems that had a number of breakdowns, limiting productivity and machining quality. Both Kerry Nowak, CNC supervisor, and Clark Bourdon, president, would not settle for just any replacement system to machine ...

Vertical Machining Center Cuts Production Time At Mold Maker

Every good business plan must contain a number of specific goals, not the least of which includes experienced, professional workers with the necessary tools to get their jobs done right. But turning goals that are written on a piece of paper into re...

VMCs Cut Cycle Time

Precision is critical in this job shop, because it machines laser, medical, microscope, projector, presentation equipment and eye examination components out of aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Read how these new VMCs fit their plans and kept the...

Minimizing Parts And Designing Components Solves Several Needs

Milltronics Manufacturing Company, a CNC (computerized numerical controls) machine tool builder located in Waconia, Minnesota, is a major manufacturer and marketer of high quality, cost effective machining centers, toolroom and bridge mills and tool...

Aerospace Contractor Makes Chips Really Fly

With the recent surge in commercial aircraft orders and the continuation of major defense programs, the demand on aerospace suppliers has never been greater. In some cases, lot sizes have become smaller, requiring suppliers to be more flexible. Here...

California Shop Reduces Cycle Times, Increases Productivity

In order to survive in today's competitive marketplace, small job shops must find ways to cut costs and increase productivity--all without sacrificing quality.

One-Man Machine Shop Has Flexibility For Parts Many Shops Pass Up

Some of the most difficult parts for Boeing Aircraft are made not in a factory, but in a one-man machine shop located down a country lane, 23 miles south of Tacoma, Washington.

Vertical Machining Center Reduces Cycle Time By 84 Percent

A certified subcontractor to Xerox, Space Labs, Barry Controls, ITT, Pacific Scientific, and Air Bus Industries, this shop's parts aren't required to be inspected. Parts are shipped directly from the job shop to the customer's production line.

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