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Rotary Tables Take Machining to a New Level

To get more capability from a machining center, adding a fourth axis via a rotary table is a cost-effective way to produce multiple face workpieces more easily and quickly.

Taking Production and Instruction to the 4th Axis

Rotary tables deliver capabilities needed for this shop to meet customer demands while providing an important training tool as well.

Lighted Workstop Verifies Part Location

Electrifying the work allows a light to indicate whether the setup is correct. The simple solution turned into a standard product for this shop.

An Innovative Way to Use a Steady Rest

This shop found a way to modify one of its two-turret CNC lathes so that a tricky aerospace component could be properly supported for critical operations.

A Close Look at Indexable Chucks

It's not for every application but when the right one comes along, these chucks can help work wonders.

Incremental Automation

This machine tool supplier sees shops searching for just a little bit of unattended capacity. Many shops are closer to obtaining this extra capacity than they realize.

The Many Sides of Workholding

Here's a broad look at different ways to approach workholding based upon the requirements of the application.

Spindle Liners Eliminate Noise, Damage and Poor Performance

Spindle liners can be used to fill the gap when barstock diameter is considerably smaller than a spindle.

Clamping Thin Wall Aluminum

Because of its properties, thin-wall aluminum can be problematic to hold during a machining operation.

Holding Small, Thin Parts for Effective Machining on a CNC Router

A non-woven porous material with a special coating enables vacuum chucks and tables to hold sheets of metal and other materials more effectively on CNC routing machines. The material, called Vilmill, is used as a substrate between the sheet or plate...

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Self centering vise is a cost effective and universal workholding method for five sided machining.