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Vise Automates Milling, Eliminates Fixture Setup

A machine tool builder phased in a three-machine robotic cell to improve productivity and automate machining of spindle shafts. A new vise model that provided repeatable clamping and eliminated fixture setups was key to the success of the new projec...

Refining the Process Saves Time and Money

Sometimes it isn’t just the part, but the process that makes all the difference, especially when it comes to meeting deadlines and customer demands.For any manufacturer, customer satisfaction is the number one concern.

Rotary Tables Save Time, Expand Capabilities

This shop refused to accept the notion that large, complex parts necessarily require multiple, time-consuming setups. Rotary tables from Lyndex-Nikken have saved time and expanded capabilities to the point where the shop can take on new work and bri...

The Right Clamp Makes a Difference

Clamping has often proven to be the Achilles heel of hard machining.

Fixtures Facilitate Transfer Line Automation

Replacing fixtures in an automated transfer line with robot-integrated models from Kurt Manufacturing helped this tier one automotive manufacturer eliminate issues with part distortion and expand production.

Moving To Magnets Doubles Productivity

Moving from hydraulic to magnetic fixtures enabled this shop to reduce setup time, improve rigidity and eliminate manual operations. As a result, productivity doubled.

Shop Enjoys Five-Axis Benefits Without The Cost

Integrating Lyndex-Nikken rotary tables into three-axis Mori Seiki VMCs provided this shop with five-axis capability at a fraction of the cost of a new five-axis machine.

Getting Concept To Car Faster

Joe Gibbs Racing applies a number of workholding techniques to speed the production of racing components its engineering team creates every day.

Balancing Workholding Density And Flexibility

Like many contract manufacturers and job shops, this company found itself doing runs that were too short for dedicated fixtures and too long for one-vise setups.

Quick Change Workholding For Hard-To-Hold Parts

This pwer chuck features direct transmission of the piston force to the jaws in the area of the jaw guides. The axial actuating force is transmitted to the jaws without major friction loss.

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Self centering vise is a cost effective and universal workholding method for five sided machining.