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Getting Concept To Car Faster

Joe Gibbs Racing applies a number of workholding techniques to speed the production of racing components its engineering team creates every day.

Balancing Workholding Density And Flexibility

Like many contract manufacturers and job shops, this company found itself doing runs that were too short for dedicated fixtures and too long for one-vise setups.

Quick Change Workholding For Hard-To-Hold Parts

This pwer chuck features direct transmission of the piston force to the jaws in the area of the jaw guides. The axial actuating force is transmitted to the jaws without major friction loss.

Workholding Provides Maximum Setup Versatility For Unattended Machining

JEM Technical Marketing (Long Lake, Minnesota) manufactures a broad line of custom manifold assemblies used in all types of fluid power applications such as off-highway vehicles, tractors and road graders.

Flexible Workholding Maximizes Machine Output

More and more companies are finding that by juggling work scheduling on their machining centers and adding a vise tower setup on the right machine, they can increase productivity without adding operating hours.

Checking Fixtures Built With Seamless Epoxy Paste

This company has realized significant time savings by developing outer and inner checking fixtures for a truck manufacturer using a combination of fiberglass and epoxy.

Five-Axis Rotary Table Increases Productivity

Five-axis machining tends to conjure up images of pricey VMCs machining aerospace components with complex curves and undercuts. However, manufacturers and commercial job shops are finding a VMC and tilting rotary table with fourth- and fifth-axis mo...

Hydraulic Clamping Shows Its Staying Power

This company discovered first-hand the inconsistencies of manual clamping, where two sides of the fixture were clamped with wrenches, occasionally resulting in parts shifting on the fixtures and sometimes leading to scrap. Learn how they 'fixed' thi...

Getting High Part Yield, Rigid Part Clamping And Low Workholding Cost

JBJ Manufacturing mostly machines heavy parts of iron and steel used in drive trains and other systems for construction and agricultural equipment. The parts range from an inch square to parts longer than two feet. The company machines them in runs ...

Accuracy Achieved By Milling On A Magnet

Trilogy Systems ran into a major manufacturing hurdle as the length of its motors increased. The linear motor body comprises a U-section made up of three precision-machined mild-steel plates into which the magnets and coil assembly for the motor are...

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Self centering vise is a cost effective and universal workholding method for five sided machining.