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Welcome to the Composites Machining Zone, an area dedicated to CNC machining of composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). For video, articles and other content on machining composites, click on one of the subtopic areas to the left.

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Still time to register for Carbon Fiber 2015

Still Time to Register for Carbon Fiber 2015

By: Stephanie Hendrixson
Hosted by CompositesWorld, the conference examines the expanding role of carbon fiber in the composites industry.

machining a 40-m wing

Laser Encoder Feedback for 40-Meter Wing Parts

By: Peter Zelinski
Large machine travels, long machining cycles and changing aircraft manufacturing precision demands necessitated a non-contact approach to machine-tool position feedback.

when to waterjet and when to mill

When to Waterjet, When to Mill

By: Derek Korn
A composite parts manufacturer in Nebraska recently installed a combined five-axis waterjet/milling machine to position itself to win large-scale aerospace work it sees on the horizon.

Setting the Stage for Sizeable Composites Work

By: Derek Korn
By adding a five-axis waterjet/milling machine, its biggest autoclave and a more expansive lay-up room, Royal Engineered Composites is positioning itself to win larger-scale aerospace work it sees on the horizon.


Laying Composites Fiber—Digitally

By: Stephanie Hendrixson
The most recent release of Spring Technologies’ NCSIMUL software can simulate the laying of fiber ribbon with NC machines.

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