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Welcome to the Composites Machining Zone, an area dedicated to CNC machining of composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). For video, articles and other content on machining composites, click on one of the subtopic areas to the left.

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Fives Opens Global Services Center in Alabama

By: Jedd Cole
The new center, located in Birmingham, will be led by Director John D’Amato.

Camfil APC HemiPleat FR Carbon

Dust Collector Dissipates Static Charges for Explosive Dusts

By: Jedd Cole
The HemiPleat FR Carbon dust collector filter from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) combines flame-retardant and conductive properties in a single filter designed to offer long service life and energy-efficient performance.

Clarcor Reintroduces United Air Specialists’ DustHog Brand

By: Jedd Cole
The rebranding includes an updated logo.

Kyle Castor stands in front of a five-axis router with arms crossed.

Don’t Sweat the Setup: Probing the Position of Complex Workpieces

By: Peter Zelinski
This manufacturer uses a software tool to tailor the machining program to the location and orientation of each contoured part.

Still time to register for Carbon Fiber 2015

Still Time to Register for Carbon Fiber 2015

By: Stephanie Hendrixson
Hosted by CompositesWorld, the conference examines the expanding role of carbon fiber in the composites industry.

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