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The principles of lean apply to CNC machining. Here are tips from authorities on lean, as well as the stories of machining facilities that have made a lean transformation.


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Upon Further (A3) Review

Using lean manufacturing’s A3 problem-solving process, Genesis Attachments found that magnetic workholding could provide greater benefits than simply getting parts on and off machines faster.

Making Lean Connections

When Nilpeter embarked on a lean initiative 14 months ago, no one at the printing press manufacturer had any inkling that they had already taken an important first step.

Going Lean in Order to Grow

This shop has a plan for dramatically expanding its contract machining business in high-value markets.

Self-Directed Work Teams Offer Better Efficiency

By: Lori Beckman
While working as a team, everyone brings their own “specialty” or unique skill set to the table to create one strong, intelligent force. With self-directed work teams, each team of workers is given full responsibility for their work orders—scheduling them and making sure they have the necessary materials to complete the job.

Lean Manufacturing Is No Less Important

By: Derek Korn
There are a variety of new production technologies coming onto the scene, but lean manufacturing should remain a shop’s underpinning.

Whiteboard shows flow chart for an insert Kaizen Cell

Lean No Less Important

By: Derek Korn
Lean manufacturing shouldn’t become lost in the shuffle of today’s emerging part-production technologies, strategies and approaches.

Improvement Is Not Optional

Improvement Is Not Optional

By: Peter Zelinski
No matter how busy this shop gets, it continues to pull teams of employees out of production so they can focus on solving problems to make incremental process changes. The advances add up. Today, this is a very different shop than it once was.

Putting your Shop on a Diet: How to Become Lean

By: Lori Beckman
There are strategies involved in achieving lean for a shop, but like going on a diet, lean doesn’t happen overnight and it takes some work on your part to get your shop in shape.

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