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Machining Centers & Milling Machines

The term “machining center” describes almost any CNC milling and drilling machine that includes an automatic toolchanger and a table that clamps the workpiece in place. On a machining center, the tool rotates, but the work does not. The orientation of the spindle is the most fundamental defining characteristic of a machining center. Vertical machining centers generally favor precision while horizontal machining centers generally favor production—but these are loose generalizations, and plenty of machining centers break out of them. Another common machining center type is the five-axis machining center, which is able to pivot the tool and/or the part in order to mill and drill at various orientations.

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Cycle Efficiency

Automated machining processes enable this maker of high-performance mountain bike parts to manufacture efficiently with minimal staff.

In-House CNCs Help Automotive Shop Gain Manufacturing Control

By: Edited by Emily Probst
By investing in two advanced CNC machine tools from Haas Automation Inc. and bringing chip-making in house, Neal Technologies was able to grow its business.

HMC for Four- or Five-Axis Machining of Small to Medium Sized Steel

By: Lori Beckman (editor)
SW North America Inc.’s BA 322 is a compact, twin-spindle HMC targeted for four- or five-axis machining of small to medium-sized steel, cast iron and light metal workpieces.

Weingärtner Maschinenbau Pick Up machine

Manufacturing System for Production of Plastic Feed/Extruder Screws and Barrels

By: Edited by Stephanie Monsanty
Weingärtner Maschinenbau supplies a comprehensive and flexible manufacturing system consisting of its Pick Up and Multi Product Machining Centers (MPMC) series and Finish CNC polishing machine for the production of feed/extruder screws and barrels.

Micromachining Evolution

By: Derek Korn
Challenge Machine continues to add high-speed equipment for the increasing amount of micromachining work it is performing. Here are some lessons it has learned along the way, using tools as small as 0.001 inch in diameter.

Automotive Cylinder Coating for High-Production Applications

By: Edited by Derek Korn
Daimler’s Nanoslide cylinder bore coating technology can now be incorporated into an automated process for high-volume production.

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