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thumb_metalworking_fluids.jpg Metalworking fluids are the oil- and water-based liquids that facilitate turning, milling, drilling and grinding. These fluids are often lumped together under the general term "coolant," though many metalworking fluids do not primarily perform a cooling effect. Rather, the primary value of many metalworking fluids is to provide lubricity that extends cutting performance and tool life, and to assist in clearing chips out of the way of the cut. Metalworking fluid technology has advanced considerably in recent years, to the extent that finding just the right cutting fluid for a particular machining process can dramatically increase efficiency or productivity.

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Long-Lasting Coolant Reduces Costs, Downtime

This shop provides a case in point of the substantial savings that can be realized with the proper coolant formulation. Rustlick Ultracut Pro, available from ITW Rocol North America, lasted twice as long in the sump than the shop’s previous coolant, leading to significant operating and maintenance cost savings.

Take good care of your coolant. Here's how.

Metalworking Fluid Troubleshooting Guide

Here are quick tips for solving the problems with your shop's most significant liquid asset.

Discharge Filter for Second-Stage Filtering

By: Lori Beckman (editor)
Clean sumps are important to any manufacturing process for the integrity of a product being manufactured, which is where CECOR Sump Shark sump cleaners come into play.

Are You Using the Right High-Pressure Coolant?

By: Stephanie Monsanty
A Texas manufacturer had severe foaming problems with a high-pressure coolant system until it switched to a coolant formulated for use at high psi.

ESP and Mechanical Collector Ensures High Efficiency

By: Lori Beckman (editor)
The Tri-Mist 1000 is a three-stage ESP and mechanical collector with 4” of pre-filter impingement.

Magnetic Filtration Systems Remove Ferrous Contamination

By: Lori Beckman (editor)
High intensity magnetic filtration systems from Eclipse Magnetics are useful for all machining operations, drilling, milling, grinding, lapping and honing.

PRAB Paperbed filter

Paper Filter Extends Cutting Fluid Life

By: Edited by Stephanie Monsanty
Capable of processing as much as 130 gpm, PRAB’s Paperbed filter is suitable for ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as organic and inorganic contaminants such as glass, rubber and plastic.

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