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Manufacturing needs talented professionals! Plenty of careers are available for manufacturing engineers as well as trade professionals such as machinists and toolmakers. One of the challenges manufacturing employers face is that too few young people with aptitudes for science, mathematics and technology are discovering these fields. This page describes efforts to reach the next generation of manufacturing talent, and offers links to resources making the case for manufacturing careers.


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beginner's guide to metals example of blocks

Beginning Guide to Metals

By: Peter Zelinski
A machining business gave young people visiting the shop a set of blocks made from various metals to help them understand the work of manufacturing, and the knowledge of materials that manufacturers put to use.

Clemson U. Grad Student Wins MTConnect Challenge

By: Mark Albert
Valerie Pezzullo won $100,000—the top prize in a national contest designed to promote innovative uses of the MTConnect open operability standard—for her application that monitors cutting conditions to reduce or prevent chatter.

every tool is arranged at the workstation at Skills Inc.

Searching for Skilled Workers? Here’s Part of the Solution

By: Russ Willcutt
In recent years, manufacturers have found it increasingly difficult to find trained, skilled employees, especially in the metalworking industry.

Scott Walker visits Cardinal Manufacturing

Video: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Visits Cardinal Manufacturing

By: Peter Zelinski
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently toured Cardinal Manufacturing, the Eleva-Strum High School manufacturing program that operates as a commercial manufacturing business.

how to promote careers in manufacturing

How to Promote Careers in Precision Manufacturing

By: Mark Albert
Step one: create a great manufacturing training program with good instructors and a well-equipped machining facility. Step two: create a compelling video that sells the program to high school seniors about to choose a career path. The ITAMCO Manufacturing Education Center at Plymouth High School in Plymouth, Indiana has both steps covered.

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