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Manufacturing needs talented professionals! Plenty of careers are available for manufacturing engineers as well as trade professionals such as machinists and toolmakers. One of the challenges manufacturing employers face is that too few young people with aptitudes for science, mathematics and technology are discovering these fields. This page describes efforts to reach the next generation of manufacturing talent, and offers links to resources making the case for manufacturing careers.

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Figuring Out What Makes Millennials Tick Means Learning How to See Them Differently

A millennial’s take on why maybe it’s time to step back and examine how we talk about the next generation of manufacturers.

A Virtual Approach to CNC Training

One way to take the fear of crashing an expensive machine out of CNC training is by using simulation software that features programming methods actually used on the shop floor.

#MFGDay15 Illuminates and Bridges the Manufacturing Divide

Gaps in workforce skills and public perception are nothing new to manufacturing. What is Manufacturing Day doing to help, and what happens after outreach?

Young Folks Spend a Day at a Machine Shop

By: Derek Korn
It's hard to have conversations with young people about manufacturing if they have never been in a shop. Luckily, MMS editor Derek Korn recently got a chance to take some millennials to a nearby advanced machine shop. Read their impressions following the trip.

Metalex Inspires Youth to Seek Engineering Education by Changing the World

By: Max Egan
Where can an engineering education take you? Will it help you change the world? Here's one student's thoughts on the topic after visiting advanced manufacturing Metalex Manufacturing.

A Manufacturer without Boundaries

By: Hannah Coombs
A manufacturer without boundaries is recognized for excellence in NASA Space Program

Training the Manufacturers of Tomorrow

By: Emily Probst
Students at Northern Maine Community College's Precision Machining Program receive valuable real-world CNC experience and other manufacturing training.

Training the Manufacturers of Tomorrow

By: Emily Probst
With help from Edgecam, Northern Maine Community College trains the next generation of skilled manufacturers.

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