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CAM Software Enhances AWJ as an Additive Process

By: Mark Albert
Intelli-CAM from Omax Corp is especially tailored for the needs of AWJ machine users. This CAM software provides features that support additive manufacturing applications.

hyphen fast metal

Video: CNC Machining for Prototyping

By: Peter Zelinski
This protopying company has extensive 3D printing capability, but it considers CNC machining to be an effective prototyping resource.

The New Pattern for Prototyping

By: Christina M. Fuges
Ford is building engineering confidence through nearly production-ready prototype parts, which provide reliable test data—all thanks to additive manufacturing.

Urbee hybrid-electric vehicle

Driving Change, Layer by Layer

By: Matt Danford
A vehicle currently in development will not only have a body produced entirely via additive manufacturing processes, but also promises to break new ground in fuel efficiency.

Double-Beam SLM Achieves High Build Rates

SLM Solutions GmbH’s SLM 500 HL selective laser melting machine features a 500 × 280 × 325-mm build chamber and double-beam system of two fiber lasers that operate on the powder bed by means of a 3D scanning unit.

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