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thumb_retrofit_and_rebuild.jpg While retrofitting involves adding new capability or new technology to an existing machine, a rebuild is a complete restoration of the machine’s components. Both offer ways to obtain new life and additional value out of machine tools that are old but otherwise potentially still serviceable.

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Why Oilfield Parts Producers Consider Retrofits

By: Derek Korn
There are a number of reasons why shops serving the oilfield industry see value in upgrading existing machine tools with a new control package.

Major Tool & Machine Continues Major Upgrades

By: Matt Danford
This Indianapolis shop’s extensive series of machine tool retrofits sheds light on how to best approach these projects.

“CNC Retrofit” Often Means More

By: Matt Danford
This video testimonial provides an inside look at the myriad benefits Major Tool & Machine has realized from a new CNC platform—but like other, similar projects, implementing that platform required a complete motion system overhaul.

Retrofits Done Right

By: Matt Danford
Manufacturers considering anything less than a total motion system upgrade could be selling themselves short.

Retrofits Lift Venerable Machines to New Heights

By: Modern Machine Shop
Retrofitting nine 20-year-old skin mills at Boeing’s plant in Auburn, Washington reduced machine downtime and improved both safety and productivity.

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