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Training is one of the most difficult and important activities in any machining facility. In some parts of the country, as the number of skilled machinists dwindles, shops are increasingly facing the challenge of developed skilled employees themselves by training these employees internally.

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Cardinal Manufacturing

Does This School Have the Formula for Manufacturing Education?

A high school in Wisconsin runs its manufacturing vocational program as a business. Students make parts for paying customers. The program is thriving, cash flow is strong, and local manufacturers can now hire recent graduates who already have experience in meeting customer demands.

learning and sharing knowledge are valued at Progressive Turnings

Talent Shortage: Advice from a Human Resources Expert

By: Peter Zelinski
The shortage of potential employees in manufacturing is a serious challenge that merits a serious response. An employment consultant describes how manufacturing businesses should think differently about talent and recruiting.

daily shared breakfast in a manufacturing shop

The Importance of Positive Culture

By: Peter Zelinski
One of the most significant developments I am seeing in manufacturing is a recognition of the potential value of fostering an encouraging culture for employees.

machinist's garden

The Machinist Garden

By: Peter Zelinski
The lettuce is growing great. But can this team of precision machining specialists get watermelon to grow in Connecticut?

Swiss-type machining challenges

Getting Ramped up on Swiss-Types

By: Derek Korn
Swiss-type lathes present unique challenges to operators who aren’t familiar with them. Here are a few.

high school under airplane wing

Under a Wing

By: Mark Albert
The inspiration for this column came to me in the parking lot behind an extraordinary high school, where I learned about an extraordinary teaching lab.

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