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PUBLISHED: 10/7/2014

Fiber Laser Reduces Cost during Standby

MC Machinery Systems will display its lines of fiber lasers and press brakes, including the NXF-4000 fiber laser offering 4 kW of power, which the company says is nearly double the wattage of its 2012 predecessor.

PUBLISHED: 10/6/2014

Laser Machine Enables Five-Axis Tube Cutting

BLM Group offers its LT8 tube cutting machine designed for flexible, easy and precise laser cutting.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2014

Updated Waterjet Series Improves Cutting Speeds

Omax has updated its Maxiem series of JetMachining Centers with five next-generation models for high-performance abrasive waterjet cutting.

PUBLISHED: 5/30/2014

Laser Marking Workstations Offer Versatility

Electrox offers the EMS range of workstations for versatile laser marking.

PUBLISHED: 5/28/2014

Waterjet Intensifier Reduces Costs

Jet Edge’s X-Stream xP90-50 waterjet intensifier pump offers 50 hp and is rated at 90,000 psi (6,200 bar).

PUBLISHED: 5/16/2014

CNC Waterjets Cut Small, Intricate Workpieces

K2CNC’s KW waterjet machines are designed for prototyping applications and short production runs of smaller, intricate workpieces.

PUBLISHED: 4/18/2014

Laser Marking System for Metals, Plastics

SIC Marking offers the XL-Box laser marking workstation designed to increase productivity in marking and traceability operations.

PUBLISHED: 4/16/2014

Bevel Plasma Head Adds Axes

MultiCam’s five-axis bevel plasma head features aluminum castings for weight reduction and rigidity.

PUBLISHED: 3/28/2014

Small-Scale Waterjets Feature Cantilever Design

WardJet has expanded its line of Emerald waterjets with the small-scale Emerald 0606 and 0612 models.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2014

Solid-State Laser Offers Fiber Option

Trumpf’s 2D TruLaser 5030 fiber features a 5,000-W TruDisk laser.

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