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PUBLISHED: 10/24/2013

Abrasive Waterjet Nozzle Enables Accurate Micromachining

Omax’s 7/15 Mini Maxjet 5i nozzle for micro-abrasive waterjet cutting is designed to accurately cut delicate, complex patterns in workpieces.

PUBLISHED: 10/22/2013

Waterjet Cutting System for Compact Environments

Omax offers the model 1530 Maxiem JetCutting abrasive waterjet cutting center equipped with the company’s Intelli-Max software suite and direct-drive pump technology.

PUBLISHED: 10/17/2013

Fiber Laser Machine Processes Reflective Materials

Mazak Optonics will feature its Optiplex 3015 4-kW fiber machine paired with a Tekmag compact FMS for increased productivity in cutting thin worksheets.

PUBLISHED: 10/14/2013

Five-Axis Waterjet Cutting System Eliminates Taper

The 90-KSI Edge X-5 five-axis waterjet system from Jet Edge is designed to cut precise, taper-free parts from virtually any material, including complex 3D parts such as impellers and bevels ranging to 50 degrees.

PUBLISHED: 10/4/2013

Fiber-Laser Tube Processing System

BLM Group will display its LT5 fiber laser and Elect XL tube bender.

PUBLISHED: 9/19/2013

Waterjet Machining Center Achieves Zero Taper

Omax’s 60120 JetMachining bridge-style waterjet cutting center handles a range of industry applications in virtually any material.

PUBLISHED: 9/17/2013

Laser Tube Welding System Integrates into Existing Lines

The Rofin Profile Welding System (PWS) provides a turnkey laser welding solution for high speed tube and roll form applications.

PUBLISHED: 8/26/2013

CNC Tool, Peel Grinders Offered

Rollomatic will provide information on its CNC tool grinding and peel grinding machines, as well as updates to its fine laser cutting and ablation machine.

PUBLISHED: 8/21/2013

Cutting Head Accessory Adds Axes for Waterjets

Omax will demonstrate the A-Jet cutting head accessory for waterjet cutting centers.

PUBLISHED: 8/15/2013

High-Precision Waterjet Designed for Reliability

MC Machinery Systems offers the MWX4-612 waterjet cutting machine designed for accuracy and reliability.

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