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PUBLISHED: 10/26/2016

Filler Metals Address Common Welding Challenges

Hobart will showcase filler metal solutions that address common welding challenges while improving productivity, quality and costs savings.

PUBLISHED: 10/25/2016

Waterjet Intensifier Pump Reduces Water, Power, Abrasive Usage

Jet Edge’s 100-hp, 75-kW X-Stream xP90-100 waterjet intensifier pump supports 75-KSI (5,200 bar) continuous operating pressure.

PUBLISHED: 10/24/2016

Tube End-Forming Systems Provide Faster Cycle Rates

Manchester Tool & Die will display its M71-E-6 electric tube end-forming systems for tubes ranging to 1 ½" in diameter.

PUBLISHED: 10/21/2016

Variety of Products Offered

Mate Precision tooling is displaying a variety of products including Ultra QCT quick-change tooling, SuperMax tool coating, CleanBend press brake tooling and optics for fiber lasers.

PUBLISHED: 10/20/2016

Fiber Laser Shortens Processing Times for Medium, Thick Plate

MC Machinery’s eX-F-series fiber laser combines the structural benefits of the company’s eX-series CO2 lasers with the power and reliability of fiber.

PUBLISHED: 10/19/2016

Fully Operational Press Feed Line on Display

Dallas Industries, in conjunction with Aida-America, will display a fully operational press feed line with an Aida DSF-N2-3000 330-ton servo press.

PUBLISHED: 10/18/2016

Waterjet Handles Metals, Composites, Non-Tempered Glass

Omax will display its 80X JetMachining Center, designed to quickly and accurately cut a range of materials and thicknesses for large-scale components and multi-part projects.

PUBLISHED: 10/17/2016

Bevel Laser Cutting Software Works with Most Common CAD Systems

Osai offers its OpenCut 2D and 3D bevel laser cutting software designed for demanding production requirements.

PUBLISHED: 10/14/2016

Multi-Process Welder Can Be Set Up for Multiple Materials

Miller Electric will display its Multimatic 215 multi-process welder.

PUBLISHED: 10/11/2016

Carbide Application System Reduces Wear, Optimizes Gripping

Rocklin Manufacturing Co. will display a variety of its products, including the Rocklinizer carbide application system.

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