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PUBLISHED: 10/17/2016

Bevel Laser Cutting Software Works with Most Common CAD Systems

Osai offers its OpenCut 2D and 3D bevel laser cutting software designed for demanding production requirements.

PUBLISHED: 10/14/2016

Multi-Process Welder Can Be Set Up for Multiple Materials

Miller Electric will display its Multimatic 215 multi-process welder.

PUBLISHED: 10/11/2016

Carbide Application System Reduces Wear, Optimizes Gripping

Rocklin Manufacturing Co. will display a variety of its products, including the Rocklinizer carbide application system.

PUBLISHED: 10/7/2016

Laser Cutting Machine Produces Sharp Corner Radii in PCD

Rollomatic’s LaserSmart laser and ablation machine produces sharp corner radii in the polycrystalline diamond (PCD) industry with a maximum radius on the cutting edge below 1.0 micron.

PUBLISHED: 10/5/2016

Accessible Horizontal Band Saws Emphasize Stable, Accurate Operation

Behringer Saws will highlight its compact and versatile HBE Dynamic-series horizontal band saw with features designed to improve performance and precision while maximizing user convenience and safety.

PUBLISHED: 10/4/2016

Reamer Incorporates Ethernet Connectivity

Bernard and Tregaskiss will exhibit together, offering their MIG welding guns, consumables and peripherals, including the Tough Gun TT3E reamer and stand.

PUBLISHED: 10/3/2016

Laser Machine Processes Tube and Sheet Metal

BLM Group will demonstrate the LC5 tube and sheet laser fabricating machine, which can be equipped with either a CO2 laser source with power ranging to 4.5 kW or a fiber laser source with power ranging to 5 kW.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2016

Five-Axis Laser Cutting, Deposition Machine Improves Efficiency

Trumpf’s TruLaser Cell 3000 is a five-axis laser machine for fine cutting, precision welding and additive manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 5/24/2016

Short-Pulse Laser Machine for Medical Micromachining

PhotoMachining’s USP III laser machine for advanced medical device manufacturing performs short-pulse, ultra-fast micromachining.

PUBLISHED: 4/22/2016

CO2 Laser System’s Oversized Guides Maintain Consistency

MC Machinery Systems offers its entry-level 3015 SR CO2 laser system intended to combine high-quality cutting and improved productivity.

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