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PUBLISHED: 2/14/2018

Six-Axis Cobot Eliminates Operator Pinch Points

Featuring power and force-limiting technology, Yaskawa Motoman’s six-axis HC10 collaborative robot (cobot) works safely with or near humans by stopping in the event of contact with an operator.

PUBLISHED: 2/14/2018

Arc Welding Robot Track Withstands Harsh Environments

Güdel introduces ArcTrack, a flexible, pre-configured robot track motion module for arc welding applications that can reduce lead time by as much as 40 percent, according to the company.

PUBLISHED: 2/12/2018

Modular Pallet Handling System Enables Flexible Production

Liebherr Automation Systems’ PHS Allround pallet handling system is designed to enable flexible production with four- and five-axis machining centers in a range of shops.

PUBLISHED: 2/6/2018

Universal Compliance Compensator Adapts to a Range of Robot Tasks

ATI Industrial Automation’s U1-050 universal compliance compensator (UCC) has a variety of features for adaptability in tasks such as automated assembly, bin picking, machine loading and unloading, and robotic finishing.

PUBLISHED: 12/14/2017

Collaborative Robot Software Provides Real-Time Data

The version 5.2 expansion of Rethink Robotics’ Intera software platform provides manufacturers with real-time data insights with its Sawyer collaborative robots.

PUBLISHED: 11/3/2017

Force/Torque Sensor Increases Robotic Versatility

ATI Industrial Automation offers the Axia80, a force/torque sensor, which measures all six components of force and torque.

PUBLISHED: 10/27/2017

Pallet Changers Reduce Setup Time

The Microcut pallet changer is a quick, precise, low-cost part-changing system enabling increased productivity.

PUBLISHED: 10/25/2017

CNC Directly Incorporates Robot Controls

As a result of a cooperative agreement with Comau, Siemens offers the jointly-engineered Sinumerik Run MyRobot DirectControl enabling the integration of robot kinematics into a CNC system.

PUBLISHED: 10/20/2017

Gripper Enables Higher Payload on Cobots

On Robot’s RG6 is designed to be a flexible and energy-efficient gripper that is easy to program and install on cobots handling objects of various sizes.

PUBLISHED: 10/17/2017

Robot Control Software Enables Dynamic Collision Avoidance

With the ability to coordinate the motion of hundreds of axes in real time, Energid’s Actin toolkit is designed to facilitate the creation of robots with fluid, human-like movement and skills, enabling them to complete tasks requiring dexterou...

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