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PUBLISHED: 7/25/2018

Go/No-Go Gages Contribute to Reduced Process Variations

IMTS 2018: Slater Tools offers CNC broaching tools, toolholders and gages.

PUBLISHED: 7/24/2018

Variable-Helix End Mills Interrupt Chatter

IMTS 2018: Mastercut Tool Corp.’s V4 Ultra line of end mills combines variable-helix, four-flute geometry with a honed cutting edge.

PUBLISHED: 7/24/2018

In-Process Marking Consolidates Setups

IMTS 2018: Tapmatic's ScribeWriter Force II is designed to reduce the need for secondary marking operations.

PUBLISHED: 7/23/2018

Swiss-Type Tooling for Citizen Machines Built to Last

IMTS 2018: Heimatec offers a line of live and static tools for Citizen Swiss-type lathes. 

PUBLISHED: 7/23/2018

Turret Head Rotates in Both Directions

IMTS 2018: OMG’s HT revolving turret heads can perform drilling, tapping, milling and boring operations.

PUBLISHED: 7/20/2018

Multi-Axis Heads Consolidate Machining

IMTS 2018: Setco’s line of multi- and single-axis heads integrate into machine tools to combine manufacturing operations.

PUBLISHED: 7/20/2018

Three-Edged High Speed Steel Drill Maintains Tool Life

IMTS 2018: Mapal’s Tritan-Drill series of three-edged drills now includes an HSS model for small-series production.  

PUBLISHED: 7/19/2018

Milling Tools Resist Chatter, Pullout

IMTS 2018: New cutting tool geometries for Haimer’s Power Mill and Duo-Lock lines include designs for aluminum and mold steels.

PUBLISHED: 7/19/2018

Multi-Function Tool Reduces Inventory, Setup time

IMTS 2018: Carmex Precision Tools’ Multi-Function Milling Tool (MMT) is useful for applications including spotting and drilling, side milling, chamfering, slotting, grooving, and engraving.

PUBLISHED: 7/18/2018

Tools Deburr Uneven, Intersecting, Interior Bore Edges

IMTS 2018: Heule Tool’s COFA-X tooling system is designed to remove burrs from uneven, interior bore edges with large intersections, such as valves, fittings and hydraulic manifolds.

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