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PUBLISHED: 7/10/2018

Deep Hole Drilling Systems Cover Range of Applications

IMTS 2018: Unisig showcases equipment designed for gundrilling, BTA drilling, bottle boring and skiving/roller burnishing applications. 

PUBLISHED: 7/9/2018

Five-Axis Horizontal Machining Cell Carries 174 Tools

Kitamura Machinery’s five-axis Supercell-300G horizontal manufacturing cell features a 20-station automatic pallet changer (APC) with work ID system and a 174-tool, matrix-style toolchanger.

PUBLISHED: 7/6/2018

Horizontal Jig Borer Designed for Extreme Precision

IMTS 2018: Yasda’s YBM 7Ti five-axis CNC horizontal jig borer maintains accuracy and stability in heat-resistant materials like titanium and Inconel. 

PUBLISHED: 7/6/2018

Bridge-Type Mills Combine Speed, Power

IMTS 2018: Previously available with either high speed or high power, Taurus machines now offer both. 

PUBLISHED: 7/6/2018

Machining Center Features Loading Robot, Pallet Storage

IMTS 2018: SW North America’s dual-spindle BA WO2-22 machining center features an integrated six-axis robot and vertical pallet storage for blanks and parts.

PUBLISHED: 7/5/2018

Machine Performs 3+2, Simultaneous Five-Axis Milling

IMTS 2018: Haas Automation’s UMC-1000SS five-axis machine is suitable for both five-sided (3+2) and simultaneous five-axis machining.

PUBLISHED: 7/5/2018

Roland DGA, Geneva Capital Launch Technology Upgrade Program

In addition to making it easier to qualify for financing a new Roland device, the program enables customers to upgrade models in as little as 12 months.

PUBLISHED: 7/5/2018

Gundrilling Machine Improves Hole Straightness

IMTS 2018: Kays Engineering’s Eldorado M75-30T is a twin-spindle gundrilling machine with a redesigned counter-rotation fixture.

PUBLISHED: 7/4/2018

Milling Machines Target Multiple Sectors

IMTS 2018: YCM offers various multi-axis and multi-pallet machines as well as the accompanying automation.

PUBLISHED: 7/4/2018

Machine Built for Full Five-axis Precision

IMTS 2018: Hyundia Wia’s XF 6300 five-axis machine offers a “box on box” design and direct-drive spindle.

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