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PUBLISHED: 12/4/2017

Back-Facing Air Gun Cleans Debris from Internal Diameters

Exair's soft grip back blow safety air gun delivers a blast of air to blow debris and liquids from internal part features including pipe and hose interior diameters, channels, bores, holes and internal threads.

PUBLISHED: 12/1/2017

Sump Cleaners Minimize Machine Tool Downtime

Eriez HydroFlow sump cleaners are designed to provide effective, thorough and quick machine cleaning to maintain plant productivity and minimize machine tool downtime.

PUBLISHED: 10/19/2017

Beltless Conveyor Transports Tough Materials

Fabtech 2017: Bunting Magnetics Co. is showcasing its MagSlide beltless chip and parts conveyor, which is designed to easily and effectively transport materials that are tough on traditional belted and steel-hinged conveyors, including dirty, o...

PUBLISHED: 10/13/2017

Servo Feed Reduces Scrap When Stamping Circular Blanks

Fabtech 2017: Dallas Industries will feature its Zig-Zag servo feed for minimizing material scrap when running circle blanks.

PUBLISHED: 10/12/2017

High-Pressure Coolant Systems Tailored to Differing Environments

Four high-pressure coolant systems from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies are engineered for the production and economic requirements of differing manufacturing environments.

PUBLISHED: 10/10/2017

Mist Collector Available with Remote Touchscreen Controller

The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin has launched the SmogHog SHM machine mount (MM) media mist collector designed for direct-mounted systems.

PUBLISHED: 10/4/2017

Cleaners, Corrosion Preventatives Increase Process Flow

Milacron has added four cleaners to its Cimclean product line, as well as four new Cimguard corrosion preventatives.

PUBLISHED: 9/20/2017

Spray Units Reduce Costs, Fluid Volume

The MinaMizer spray unit from LSP Industries is intended to enhance low-volume, low-pressure spray technology by dispensing fluids in a consistent, continuous and controlled manner.

PUBLISHED: 9/4/2017

Grinding Fluid Lasts Years without Regeneration, Exchange

Gear Expo 2017: Oelheld will feature its DiaGrind 535-15 high-speed grinding fluid, a blend of additives and base oils designed to go years without requiring regeneration or complete exchange.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2017

System Filters Ultrafine Particles from Oil

EMO 2017: Vomat will feature its micro-filtration systems, which are designed for filtering ultrafine particles from oil used in processes including grinding, honing, lapping and erosion.

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