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PUBLISHED: 8/16/2017

Pole Plates Enable Quick Workpiece Changes

Schunk Magnos parallel pole, square pole and radial pole plates are designed to ensure reliable workpiece clamping, quick workpiece changes and efficient grinding.

PUBLISHED: 8/15/2017

Adjustable Link Clamp Provides 360-Degree Lever Positioning

EMO 2017: Vektek will showcase its TuffLink 360-degree adjustable link clamp. 

PUBLISHED: 8/9/2017

Vises Designed for Precision CNC Production to Toolroom Applications

Westec 2017: Kurt will show its lineup of vises for five-axis, high-precision production machining, including its DX6 CrossOver vise.

PUBLISHED: 8/4/2017

Collet Pads Enable Top-Jaw System to Hold Small Bar, Tube Stock

Dillon Manufacturing offers S- and Warner & Swasey-type collet pads for top-jaw systems.

PUBLISHED: 8/2/2017

Grippers Designed for Ultra-Low Profile Clamping

Westec 2017: Fixtureworks will highlight its TG GripSerts carbide gripper inserts, which are designed for ultra-low-profile clamping with no dovetail workpiece preparation.

PUBLISHED: 8/2/2017

Rotary Table Affordable Option for 5C Workpieces

The TJR AR-5C pneumatic collet rotary table is designed to provide an affordable alternative to three- or four-jaw chucks for workpieces requiring 5C collets.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2017

Swiss-Type Collets, Guide Bushings Available

Heimatec now offers Tecnicrafts Industries’ collets and guide bushings for Swiss-type turning applications.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2017

Modular Fixturing System Features Highly Accurate Baseplates

Westec 2017: Bluco’s 5016 modular fixturing system combines a special baseplate design and more than 250 of the company’s tooling components. 

PUBLISHED: 6/8/2017

Quick-Change Pallet System Works with Various Table Sizes

Schunk’s Vero-S NSL quick-change workholding and positioning system is designed to speed setups with the ability to mount any workholding on top, from a standard vise to a custom fixture, for reliable and consistent change-over.

PUBLISHED: 6/7/2017

Hydraulic Workholding Towers Offer as Many as 12 Clamping Stations

Kurt Workholding offers a complete line of high-density CarvLock workholding towers for precision machining with eight or 12 clamping stations in both manual and hydraulic models.

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