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Published: 11/5/2015

Integrating Robot Programming into the CNC: One Example
This combination of robotics, CNC, workholding and machine tool technologies resulted in a streamlined way to integrate and program an automated machine-tending process.

Published: 10/28/2015

Positive Correlation between Robots and Employment
Do robots replace employees? Far from it. Data suggest employment and automation grow together, while individual cases show automation raising employee value and helping the employer attract talent.

Published: 10/21/2015

Robotic Cell for Handling Gears
The less manual handling of a gear before and after the heat-treating process, the better. This robotic gear-handling cell automates this critical stage, increasing both safety and part quality.

Published: 10/20/2015

Taking a Big Step
This Indiana shop made a leap from manual machining and basic CNC technology to a sophisticated turning cell and has not looked back. It's been a customer driven transition.

Published: 8/25/2015

Growth in Robotics Good for U.S. Manufacturing
In order to get a good grasp on the current state of manufacturing in the United States, it’s important to monitor the health of related markets such as robotics.

Published: 7/27/2015

Video: Collaborative Robots in Screw Machine Shop
Multi-arm robots working close to employees are noteworthy additions to this shop that got its start during World War II.

Published: 7/7/2015

RAMTEC Ramps up Academic Outreach
Technology instructors in the RAMTEC Ohio program are expanding credentialing courses available to program enrollees, helping address the state’s “manufacturing gap.”

Published: 6/23/2015

Comau Introduces Racer3 Robot
This lightweight, high-speed design provides robotic options for companies of all sizes involved in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Published: 6/22/2015

Video: Robot Gripping by Granular Compression
An alternate approach to robot gripping readily conforms to the shape of many different target objects.

Published: 6/9/2015

Video: Machine Tool Serves as its Own Robot
Schunk’s Gripper with Spindle Interface device enables a machine to load and unload workpieces on its own. See how.