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Published: 7/7/2018

At a Grand Opening, Sodick Reveals More Than New Machines
Along with launching a new line of hybrid machines, the EDM manufacturer is tailoring one of its EDM models specifically for post processing additive parts.

Published: 6/24/2018

Additive Manufacturing Conference 2018 Returns to IMTS
Organized by sister publication Additive Manufacturing, the annual conference highlights industrial uses of 3D printing technology. 

Published: 6/23/2018

Even My Accurate Predictions Are Wrong
The future does not come in a straight line. Multiple factors affect one another and the final outcome. My prediction that machine shops would see more composites is playing out, but I missed an important means by which this would happen.

Published: 6/20/2018

The Many Possibilities of Additive Manufacturing
Why would anyone want to use additive manufacturing?

Published: 5/18/2018

The Benefits of Additive and Subtractive Processes in One Machine
When considering hybrid machines for mold manufacturing, it’s important to get the facts to manage expectations of this emerging technology.

Published: 5/16/2018

Additive Manufacturing Magazine Explores Transformative Tooling, Education
The May 2018 issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine explores unconventional applications for 3D-printed tooling and one university’s answer to the AM skills gap, among other stories.

Published: 5/5/2018

After the Build Is Done Why Do the Bills Keep Coming?
When your additively manufactured part is done printing, you just pull it out of the machine and start using it, right? Not even close.

Published: 4/15/2018

Why Does My AM Part Cost So Much?
The machine, the facility and the material are just three costs behind the price tag.

Published: 4/12/2018

3D Printing Workshop at NPE2018
​New in 2018, the 3D Printing Workshop at NPE2018–The Plastics Show, is an immersive, half-day workshop focused on emerging technologies in 3D-printing and additive manufacturing impacting plastics and moldmaking.

Published: 4/8/2018

3D Printer Enables Toolmaker to Produce Fixturing, End-Use Parts
A 3D printer helped a tooling manufacturer quickly and cost-effectively create fixturing for its tools and, eventually, end-use parts for customers.