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Published: 4/5/2017

Expanded Range of Multitasking Hybrid Machine Tools
The machining centers combine laser metal deposition with a range of subtractive processes.

Published: 4/4/2017

3D Printer Delivers High Precision and Quality
Available from Methods 3D, the 3D Systems selective laser sintering printer is capable of delivering injection molding-like part quality when paired with DuraForm ProX materials.

Published: 4/3/2017

Hybrid Vertical Machining Center Integrates Wire-Arc Technology
Hybrid combines five-axis subtractive capabilities with arc-welding head.

Published: 2/28/2017

Additive System Designed for Serialized Production
PMTS 2017: Designed and engineered with serialized production in mind, the RenAM 500M additive manufacturing system builds complex metallic components directly from CAD using metal powder bed fusion technology.

Published: 5/26/2016

Hybrid Machine Enables Milling between Additive Passes
Sodick’s OPM250L combines additive metal manufacturing and high-speed milling into the same workspace, enabling single-process production of finished components.

Published: 11/4/2015

Hybrid Machining Center Intersperses Milling with Growing Parts
DMG MORI’s Lasertec 4300 3D hybrid machine incorporates additive-directed energy deposition (blown powder) into a five-axis turn-mill machining center with a working area of 600 × 1,500 mm.

Published: 10/19/2015

AM System Provides Highly Scalable Work Envelope
Sciaky, a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, offers its Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) systems for medium-size, large and extra-large part applications.

Published: 9/25/2015

Large AM Machine Prints Range of Materials
Cincinnati Inc. will display its Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) machine, which appeared at IMTS 2014, additively constructing a full-size car in its 6 × 12 × 3-ft. work envelope.

Published: 8/18/2015

Turn-Mill Capable of Additive Manufacturing
WFL Millturn Technologies will display the 4,500-mm M80 Millturn, a hybrid machine which combines turn-mill capabilities with additive manufacturing.

Published: 5/20/2015

Multi-Material 3D Printers Feature Triple-Jetting Technology
Stratasys offers six multi-material 3D printers with compact and mid-size build envelopes that all feature the company’s PolyJet triple-jetting technology.