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Published: 11/3/2018

Automotive Manufacturer Works with Supplier to Streamline Lean Machining Cells
After Volvo’s casting supplier switched to a new kind of material process, machining tolerances suffered. Sandvik Coromant stepped in not just to suggest new tools, but to provide an in-depth productivity improvement program. 

Published: 11/2/2018

AMB 2018 Highlights E-Mobility and Lightweight Construction
More than 91,000 attendees gathered at the AMB trade show in Germany to visit 1,553 exhibitors and talk about the impact of e-mobility, Industry 4.0 and other relevant topics.

Published: 8/29/2018

Video: 3D Printing at Local Motors
The car manufacturer uses extra-large 3D printers all the way down to desktop machines at its Knoxville, Tennessee, factory.

Published: 7/31/2018

Automotive Industry Growth is Unpredictable
The industry has exceeded the expectations of many experts from as recently as the end of 2017.

Published: 5/28/2018

What Cleanliness Standards Look Like for Automotive Suppliers
Read about how Ford Motor Co. and Jomesa North America Inc. have come together to improve cleanliness specs and part cleanliness inspection to help car buyers get a lot more mileage out of their investment. 

Published: 4/14/2018

United States Helps Drive German Machine Tool Sales
As Germany’s second-largest export market, the United States took delivery of 1.12 billion euros worth of German machine tools in 2017, which is up 20 percent compared to 2016. For incoming orders, the German Machine Tool Builders’ Assoc...

Published: 12/11/2017

Manufacturing News of Note: December 2017
SW North America opens a new facility to strengthen its automotive presence, Walter and Starrag focus on aviation and power turbines, and other manufacturing news.

Published: 10/24/2017

How Dry Grinding Permits Coolant-Free Gear Making
Grinding the external forms of automotive gears came to be the last step still needing coolant. This machine eliminates cutting fluid by combining gear grinding with dry skiving in the same cycle.

Published: 8/9/2017

Machining in the Era of the Electric Car
The COO of a machine tool builder that specializes in automotive production comments on the implications of greener transportation.

Published: 7/31/2017

Video: This Mobile Cobot Frees Machinists from an Inefficient Secondary Process
Otto Motors’ self-driving vehicle combined with Yaskawa Motoman robot arms takes over a tedious manual process that was hanging up Hirotec’s lean manufacturing goals.