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Published: 8/18/2010

Plunge Roughing—Does Your Software Have What it Takes?
One software developer offers some guidelines for evaluating any CAM system's ability to perform this technique effectively.

Published: 8/12/2010

Software/Tooling Partnership Promises Easier HSM
High-efficiency parameters are calculated automatically—partly using a slider that lets the programmer set the level of aggressiveness.

Published: 6/22/2010

New Opportunities with CAM
A shop’s first steps into programming with CAM can be intimidating. But this company found success in fearless flexibility and the right software to fit its applications.

Published: 4/14/2010

Learn What More Your Software Can Do
Consider a software audit involving the software company’s support personnel. Let them watch how you use (and don’t use) the capabilities of the product you already own.

Published: 2/22/2010

Shop Delivers for Urgent Need
A CAM package plays an integral role in helping this shop fulfill its customers’ emergency machining requirements.

Published: 2/17/2010

What 64-Bit Technology Means For CAM Systems
GibbsCAM 2010 adds 64-bit support as an option, preparing for a future where 64-bit computing is the norm and also offering significant benefits to some GibbsCAM customers. This article offers information to help you appreciate the considerations as...

Published: 2/12/2010

The Promise of "High Cube" Machining
Tool paths and a new tool design provide an alternative to high speed machining for achieving high metal removal rates in hard metals on lighter-duty machines.

Published: 12/14/2009

Use The Tools That Are Available
Typically, creating holes isn’t a daunting task. However, programming, machine set up and cycle times can be prolonged when a part has numerous hole diameters. A new feature-based CAM strategy automatically determines how best to combine drilling an...

Published: 11/30/2009

Tool Certainty
For GKN Aerospace to overcome tool-related variations on its largest milling machines, it had to confront error sources that go unnoticed in many shops.

Published: 9/29/2009

Keeping Pace with CAM
The latest version of this CAM pacakge features 5-axis simultaneous machining for multi-axis lathes, improved milling functionality and enhanced thread whirling support.

SmartCAM features New Mill/Turn Sub-Spindle and B-axis Support, Morph Pattern Roughing.
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