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Published: 9/19/2017

Indexable Tools Bring Solid Job Shop Returns
An event in the heart of Europe sheds light on how the company behind Precision Twist Drill and other venerable solid-round-tool brands aims to break into the North American indexable-insert market.

Published: 9/1/2017

What Is Roller Burnishing?
This process enables fast and repeatable finishing of metal surfaces to mirror-like quality, but without removing any metal.

Published: 8/31/2017

Optimized Milling Strategy for Five-Axis Titanium Blisk Machining
A new finishing strategy using specially designed barrel cutters is said to reduce five-axis titanium blisk machining times by 50 percent.

Published: 8/4/2017

Cut Turning Cycle Time by Feeding in Both Directions
In conventional turning, you feed toward the chuck in the Z axis. With Sandvik’s new PrimeTurning process, however, you can feed in either direction in turning, facing and shoulder-cutting operations. (Sponsored Content) 

Published: 8/1/2017

Europe Meets USA
European Correspondent Barbara Schulz’s recent visit to U.S. shops revealed some of the technologies American manufacturers apply and the challenges they face as they work to become more globally competitive.

Published: 7/27/2017

Stiffness Improvement at Interface Leads to Spindle Life Increase
How the tool was clamped affected the spindle’s life because of the way the user naturally attempted to overcome the stiffness limitation, says tooling company.

Published: 7/20/2017

Threading Options for Hard Materials
Here are three approaches to threading hardened components.

Published: 7/12/2017

Inventory: An Unseen Opportunity for Cutting Tool Cost Saving
Research finds cost saving is an expressed priority when it comes to cutting tools, but relatively few shops take steps aimed at reducing tool management’s contribution to overall cost.

Published: 7/4/2017

Digital Resource: Finding and Learning About Cutting Tools
Two features stand out on Seco Tools’ new website: a utility named “Suggest,” which calls up detailed tooling recommendations depending on the application, and a “News and Events” feature that consists of readable discussions of new and basic toolin...

Published: 6/23/2017

Amerimold: Moldmaking's Biggest Show Captures Current Metalworking Technology
Many of the emerging developments and key trends in metalworking technology were represented at this show, making it a revealing cross-section of current advances.