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Published: 6/14/2018

 KNS Cutter Platform Reduces Waste
Kennametal’s KNS slotting platform can be used across a range of cutting applications, including by automakers, equipment manufacturers and power generation and electronics companies. 

Published: 6/13/2018

Drill Handles High Feed Rates in Difficult Metals
Inovatools’ SC SpeedMax drill is designed for drilling at high feed rates in INOX, tool steels and steel. 

Published: 6/6/2018

Gundrilling Machine Produces Scroll Compressor Driveshafts
Kay’s Engineering’s DeHoff 518 cell is a gundrilling machine for high-volume production of scroll compressor driveshafts with a shaft requires a different diameter hole to be drilled in each end for lubrication of the scroll be...

Published: 6/5/2018

Mastercam 2018 Mill Emphasizes Speed and Automation
CNC Software’s Mastercam 2018 mill offers 2D high speed tool paths, 3D enhancements, and multi-axis features that combine with additional enhancements in a package intended to improve shopfloor productivity.    

Published: 6/3/2018

Steadyline Tooling for Large Diameter Work Dampens Vibration
Seco Tools’ Steadyline vibration-dampening tooling system absorbs vibrations before they spread through the bar. 

Published: 5/31/2018

WavyJoint CBN Inserts Enable Hard Turning
Tungaloy’s WavyJoint CBN inserts are a CBN brazing technology for high productivity in hard turning operations that are designed to improve machining efficiency.

Published: 5/29/2018

MX Grooving and Parting Tool Offers Superior Chip Control
Walter’s Cut MX grooving and parting tool’s geometries are designed to offer superior chip control, particularly the CF5 sintered geometry.

Published: 5/21/2018

Thread Mills Combine Pros of Thread Milling, Tapping
Walter USA’s range of T2711/T2712 thread milling cutters for large threads has been expanded with three new inserts and two tool bodies for cutting M56 and M64 threads.

Published: 5/21/2018

Taps Combine Performance in Steel with Process Reliability
Walter USA LLC’s TC120, TC121 and TC122 Supreme blind hole taps combine improved performance in steel with increased tool life and process reliability, according to the company.

Published: 5/21/2018

Cutter Enables Multiple Chamfering Operations
Tungaloy has added a multifunctional chamfer cutter series to its TungQuad family.