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Published: 8/10/2010

Front and Back Chamfering Tool for Small Holes
The Micro Snap series of carbide deburring tools is suited for all-purpose, single-pass, front and back deburring and chamfering of through holes measuring between 0.079" and 0.197" (2 and 5 mm).

Published: 12/9/2009

Diamond Tool Features Self-Sharpening Edge
Brush Research Manufacturing’s diamond flex-hones are designed for deburring, edge blending and surface finishing in hard materials such as carbide, ceramic and aerospace steel alloys. The tools are engineered using resin-bond diamond crystals with...

Published: 12/9/2009

Deburr Cross-Holes At The Spindle
J. W.

Published: 12/9/2009

Stem-Mounted Brushes
Weiler Corporation’s line of stem-mounted brushes are suited for a variety of applications, including cleaning and finishing recessed areas or internal diameters; cleaning and polishing dies, molds and tools; deburring; weld and carbon cleaning; spo...

Published: 12/9/2009

Small Hole Carbide Series Expands
E-Z Burr Tool Company extends its standard, high-performance “Small Hole” carbide series to deburr hole diameters ranging from 0. 125" to 0.

Published: 10/5/2009

Wide Composite Hub Radial Wheel Brushes
Abtex Corporation has added 2” wide composite hub, radial wheel, fiber abrasive deburring brushes to its line of standard brushes. These additions supplement the company’s 1” and ½” radial wheel brushes.

Published: 6/24/2009

Carbide Burrs For Every Need
Monster Tool Co. ’s range of carbide burrs include a variety of carbide burr sets, all of which are CNC machined.

Published: 6/8/2009

Carbide Deburring Tools For Small Holes
The E-Z Burr Tool Company’s series of Small Hole carbide deburring tools can deburr hole diameters as small as 0. 125" in exotic and hard-to-machine materials.

Published: 4/9/2009

Spiral-Design Deburring System
 The SBB-12 is a spiral-bottom, round-bowl deburring unit with a full circle baffle that keeps parts in the media mass constantly for faster, more precise processing. The unit features a 12-cubic-foot, urethane-lined tub for parts protection. Other...

Published: 4/9/2009

Hole-Finishing Tools
The company’s hole-finishing tools include Burraway and Burr-Off mechanical hole-deburring tools, for controlled edge break or burr removal on both sides of holes in one pass, and Shefcut precision reaming and boring tools, for accurate size, fine f...

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