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Published: 11/17/2017

KNe3G is the Latest Generation of Grinding Machine
Kapp Niles’s KNe3G has an integrated measuring system that allows various alignments, analysis, and correction possibilities.

Published: 11/13/2017

Intrinsically Lubricated Grinding Wheels Reduce Friction, Wear
Meister Abrasives’ HPL grinding wheels rely on CBN crystals fixed with a durable, porous, intrinsically-lubricated bonding matrix.

Published: 11/13/2017

TX7 Linear Production Tool Handles Heavy Grinding Operations
Anca’s TX7 Linear production tool grinding machine with a 37-kW (49HP) peak power direct-drive spindle and BigPlus arbor handles 3-mm diameter end mills to 400-mm-long drills or a 300-mm diameter face cutter. 

Published: 10/27/2017

Abrasive Discs Remove Welding Marks in One Step
Fabtech 2017: Saint-Gobain Abrasives will feature its Norton Rapid Prep XHD coarse and medium discs for stock removal and blending challenges.

Published: 10/22/2017

SynchroFine 205 HS Honing machine Optimizes Gear Finishing
German Machine Tools of America’s Präwema SynchroFine 205 HS gear honing machine features direct-driven, digitally controlled spindles for the tool and the workpiece, enabling precise, rigid synchronization.

Published: 10/20/2017

Valve Seat Grinder Features Extended Nose Assembly
Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders’s extended drive aircraft valve seat grinder features an extended nose assembly for use with Lycoming and Continental engines common in aviation engines. 

Published: 10/15/2017

AS Grinding Steady Rests Increase Envelope Accessibility
Kitagawa-NorthTech Inc.’s AS series of grinding steady rests are designed and engineered for grinding applications and feature narrow retractable arms for automated part loading as well as many other capabilities for grinding applica...

Published: 10/12/2017

Metal Cutting Tools Designed to Increase Efficiency, Health, Safety
Fabtech 2017: Pferd Inc. will highlight its precision products and power tools from its comprehensive line of metal cutting and finishing products, including files, burs, brushes, grinding and cutting wheels and power tools.

Published: 10/5/2017

Grinder Offers Alternative to Turning High-Volume Automotive Parts
When manufacturing components between 2 and 20 mm in diameter, Junker’s Grindstar grinding machine offers an alternative to turning.

Published: 9/28/2017

Grinding Machine Includes Software for Parameterization
Gear Expo 2017: Kapp Niles will release its KNe3G grinding machine.

Precision rotary solutions for grinding, lapping and polishing of hard metals, ceramics, silicon carbide, etc.